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Keeping your brand nice: trade marks and .xxx domains

Warning to trade mark owners on .xxx domains

After much debate, the adult industry will get its own internet ‘red light district’ in September 2011 when the new .xxx top-level domains become available for registration.

Importantly, there’ll be a process under which trade mark owners can ensure their registered brands don’t turn up in the .xxx domain space.

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Love your ad? Then make sure its legal

Vixtel advertisement

I got this great looking advertisement in my inbox. It was eye-catching and had a great headline that made me click on it. Good job I thought. Love it.

I bet the business who put the ad out love it too. But if they really loved it, they should have got it legalled.

Find out why the love affair could end badly after the jump.

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Pepsi shapes up against Coke in the battle of the bottle

Coke vs Pepsi

For those who are just joining us, last October, the Coca Cola Company sued Pepsi for alleged infringement of the Coke “contour bottle”.

Pepsi has now filed its Defence which I’ve made it available for download here.

As the battle of the bottle mosies its way through the Federal Court timetable, find out why I think Pepsi looks to be in good shape.

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Why your business name is worthless

Ok, so the headline of this post is intentionally provocative.

But it is true that a business name registration is next to worthless when it comes to brand protection.  It is a common misconception that as the owner of a business name registration, you get some legal right to the name.

Let’s be crystal clear – you don’t.

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Marketing Win: Sir Richard’s condom campaign hits the spot

Feet in sheets

How much for a pack of condoms?

$1,154 less than a year’s supply of nappies according to Sir Richard’s Condom Co.

It’s a clever twist on the old ‘buy now and save!’ line by the upmarket condom supplier (I’m not sure what makes a condom upmarket – I’m just a sucker for marketing spin I guess).

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